2018’s Resolution


Well, actually I fully fed up with this condition. It has been 2 years I’ve done nothing. In every single day I do wake up late to go to office. Arrive at about 8:30 am in fact I need to start working at 8 am. That’s the first mistake, and it has repeated in every weekday for 1,5 years. I haven’t made a substantial progress. I just follow what the Boss’ ask instead do innovative. I’m not make sure what potential that I really have. I just follow the wave without comprehend about the duty. Well, all this time, I’m just working as an operator. They don’t need my opinion and the worse I enjoyed this way which is what we’ve called about comfort zone. I enjoyed this. Yeah, I did, and I do.

All this time, I haven’t had much time to pleasure my own life. I've felt like a robot who packaged like a human. Well, I don’t make something good. What I’ve done so far, it’s just provisions for what I need to do as the employer hired me. Then I have to admit it, I was being someone else. I was camouflage. I hate it but actually I enjoyed it. Well, I’ve thought about this for very long time. I hate when someone being someone else to be adorable person which is it’s not suitable for my thoughts. Ironically, I was doing what they were doing, and the worse I was happy.

I don’t know what it is going on. I’m just tired in this condition. Only medium salary that I’ve gotten. Lack of savings and social spending. Bad attitude in office. Lack of information. Didn’t read books anymore. Fatter. Rarely browsing. Didn’t explore music. Didn’t read economic book. didn’t read about scholarship. Skip much company’s invitation for interview or test. Poor in time management and financial management. Lack of idealism. Lack of knowledge. Lack of the real me.

I don’t know where I should start. But one thing that I shall do it’s I need to find a way to block this dense rubber wall. Yeah, the wall who has been blocked me for a long time.

I need to find a way to escape this and be brave to being the old me. Let me say be the real me. That’s my 2018’s resolution. Only one but was included all of them.

Justice, Inclusive & Enlightenment. 😊